All the bumps are weighted to aid the artist’s performance. They also come with leotards/bodysuits, which help to make the bump appear part of the artist’s body.

These leotards/bodysuits have popper gussets and are washable. They also come in two colours; black and beige.  The bumps are comfortable to wear, and easy to put on. 

We currently offer three types of bumps;


The Full ShaBump:

This is an all in one piece, which means the bump and chest is permanently attached to a leotard. It is roughly the size of an 8-month bump.


Bump Up:

With this option the size of the bump can get bigger. There are three bumps and two chest sizes, which can be slotted into the leotard throughout your production. They are roughly the size of a 3-month, 6-month and 9-month bump.


Just a Bump:

This is just a bump, without a chest piece. It's still supplied with a leotard but the two pieces are not attached together. This is the option to go for if putting on a bump as part of a quick change. It is roughly the size of a 6-month bump.



Prices start from £15 per production (up to 4 weeks), with discounts for Fringe Productions and Educational/Youth Performances. Excluding delivery and deposit.  See the INFO page for more details!


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