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Stage Babies was born from several personal experiences. There was a moment when a fake baby was onstage for barely a minute but we could hear the audience reacting to it, and the 'clearly just a doll' was a hot topic in the loos during the interval.


We at Stage Babies know how much blood, sweat and tears goes into creating a show and it’s sad when something so seemingly insignificant can make such an impact, and takes the attention away from an excellent piece of theatre.


Anytime a baby appears onstage (or in real life) it inevitably distracts people. Maybe it’s a human instinct? Who knows but if it’s going to happen isn’t it better to be a positive experience - “Oh wow that baby looks really real!” rather than “That baby is so obviously fake...”


The prices for the Reproduction Babies vary so please get in contact with us and we can send you a quote based on your requirements. The prices of the Bumps are below;

Type of Bump                     Cost (1 - 4 weeks)

Just a Bump                       £15

Full ShaBump                     £20

Bump Up                            £25


The prices do not include delivery. And because the babies are weighted the postage is £20 each way. However, if budgets are tight, we are happy for them to be picked up from our base in Essex or occasionally we can arrange to drop off in Central London.


As they are expensive props, not toys, we do require a £50 deposit when hiring a Reproduction Baby, and a £20 deposit when hiring a Bump. Refunded when returned. 


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